Help! I'm Pregnant with Sensitive Skin!

Help! I'm Pregnant with Sensitive Skin!

Your body undergoes incredible transformations when pregnant. Your blood volume increases by up to 50%, your organs enlarge and shift positions to accommodate growing a person, your hair becomes lush and nails grow more rapidly. That all sounds amazing, you say, but suddenly the body lotion I have been using for years makes my skin itchy and red. Why is my skin so sensitive when I’m pregnant?

If this is happening to you, you are not alone. Developing sensitive skin during pregnancy is very common, and likely will subside after baby is born. Keep reading to learn more on why skin becomes sensitive when expecting a baby, and what you can do about it.

Why do I have sensitive skin while I’m pregnant?

The number one reason is HORMONES. Remember the increased blood volume, expanding and shifting organs, and your luxurious hair and nails? Hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, are hard at work making allllll that pregnancy magic happen. (Source) Having skin that suddenly is sensitive, irritated, or itchy may not seem very magical- it is downright annoying! And, if you are already prone to skin issues, pregnancy can exacerbate this and make these irritations worse.

Ugh. Less and less magical at every turn.

But wait- there is hope!

Here are 3 majorly annoying sensitive skin issues that can pop up while you’re pregnant, and what you can do about them.

#1- New Skin Sensitivities

You’ve been using that laundry detergent and fabric softener for years, but suddenly ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES are making your skin red and irritated. Or your favorite smelling body wash no longer soothes your skin after a shower, it just makes you uncomfortable. What's the deal?

Synthetic fragrance chemicals in these products are likely to blame for these symptoms, as they are known irritants to sensitive skin. In fact, the word “Fragrance” or “Parfum” on an ingredient list could be any combination of 3,500 chemicals! (Source)

What can I do?

Try switching to household and skincare products without added fragrance, and ditch the fabric softener liquid and sheets all together (wool dryer balls and baking soda can help with static).

#2- Itchy and Dry Skin

Instead of soothing your ever-stretching bump, your fave body lotion just seems to make it more itchy these days. And why does it seem like you have super dry skin from lips to toes? These frustrations are very normal and experienced by the majority of pregnant women at some point.

What can I do?

Be sure to drink lots of water, upwards of 8-12 glasses throughout the day. Also, consider running a humidifier at night, switch to a fragrance-free lip balm, and find a body cream with a high content of oils and butters to soothe those belly and body itchies.

#3- Burning Skin

If you have ever felt like your skin is on fire, warm to the touch, or slightly swollen, you can once again blame those darn hormones. Pregnancy causes the body’s base temperature to increase and immune system to kick into high gear, protecting you and the baby from germs and pathogens. It may be a GOOD thing, but it sure can feel like a very BAD thing.

What can I do?

Try the recommendations from #1 and #2, wear loose clothing, and take a cool (not hot!) bath to reduce the symptoms.


The Takeaway

Knowing you have sensitive skin during pregnancy is helpful when choosing which personal care products you use. Here’s a good rule of thumb when searching for sensitive skincare: the fewer ingredients, the better. When the ingredient list is limited, there are fewer opportunities for skin to have a reaction.


LB Love Organics specializes in sensitive skin care, so we see you, and we want to help! All LB Love Organics products use simple and organic ingredient lists that are short in length, but long in benefits.

Specifically formulated for sensitive pregnant skin, our Bump + Baby flower-infused organic body cream is soothing on that itchy bump, and- bonus! Is perfect to use on baby after birth. We also offer multiple natural and organic products with no added scent, such as lip balm, magnesium deodorant, and solid moisture bars (also known as hard lotion).

What about you? Have you experienced any of these annoying skin issues during your pregnancy?


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