How to Travel with Sensitive Skin

How to Travel with Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin and are a frequent traveler, read on to discover the Top 3 reasons your skin has issues when traveling, and what you can do to stop these problems before they start.


Whether for work or pleasure, traveling is always an adventure! So much time and effort goes into preparing to be away from home: the packing lists, the outfit choices, the Tetris-level strategy to cram everything into that suitcase. And if you are packing for your kids or partner as well? Sheeesh. It is tons of work. Now add to that sensitive skin, and you have even more potential pitfalls.

The good news? Traveling with sensitive skin does not have to be a burden. All it takes is a few minutes of planning ahead to set your skin up for success while you or your family are away from home. Below are 3 Troubles to watch out for if you are traveling with skin sensitivity and what you can do to prevent skin irritations and flare-ups.

Top 3 Skin Troubles while Traveling

1.  Extreme Temperature Fluctuations
2. Hotel Toiletries
3. Harsh detergents in Fabrics


Let's dive in to each one to learn more.


Trouble #1  Extreme Temperature and Humidity Fluctuations

Imagine this: it's hot and humid in your hometown, and you gotta get away. You get on the plane, the circulated air is dry and stale, and suddenly all hope of moisture is sucked right out of your skin. When arriving at your destination, the weather is the opposite of what your skin is used to. Cue the irritated dry spots and breakouts! Does this sound familiar?

To the Rescue: Moisturize + Hydrate

The best way to prevent your skin from freaking out at these extreme fluctuations is to moisturize and stay hydrated.

Moisturize: Travel with your favorite face and hand lotions in your personal item carry-on, and reapply before and during the flight as needed. This simple step goes a long way to keeping your sensitive skin happy while traveling.

Hydrate: Drink a gallon of water, especially on travel days. Yes, the tiny bathroom airplane is not great. But it is worth it to your skin!


Trouble #2  Hotel Toiletries


I know, I know- the tiny bottles of lotion and itty bitty bars of soap are the cutest. Plus, they’re different! New! Shiny! DON'T be tempted- your skin knows what it likes (fragrance-free, simple + allergen-safe ingredients) and what it does NOT like (Sodium Laurel Sulfates, fragrance, harsh preservatives). I’m going to let you in on a secret: those adorable bottles are filled with ingredients from your skin’s "Does NOT Like" list. The reason? Those ingredients are typically in inexpensive products and therefore affordable for that hotel chain to offer as freebies.

To the Rescue: BYO Skincare Essentials

The best way to keep your sensitive skin calm and reaction-free is to BYO-bring your own- skincare faves from home. Many companies (like LB Love Organics!) offer mini/travel sizes of everything you have in your bathroom drawers at home. Or skip buying a travel size and get some refill bottles that you can fill yourself. These BPA-free silicone containers are a great find, but any little container you have lying around will work. Bonus: keep it to 3.4 ounces and under so you can skip checking your luggage! If you can limit your wardrobe choices and keep to a small suitcase, that is.


Trouble #3 Harsh Detergents in Fabrics


When we travel, there is much that we cannot control. One of these things is the type of laundry detergent that a hotel or Air B&B uses to launder the bedding and towels. Typically, hotels will use industrial-strength detergent, which often has harsh surfactants, optical brighteners, and irritating preservatives. And since you will not have access to the detergent’s ingredient list, it can be problematic to your sensitive skin, especially facial skin. At an Air B&B, you will often have access to a washer/dryer (yay!), but the detergent on-hand is typically not formulated for sensitive skin (boo). What is a sensitive-skinned traveler to do?

To the Rescue: BYO Pillowcase, Washcloth, and Detergent

A surefire way to avoid itchy, irritated skin due to harsh detergents is to bring your own pillowcase and washcloth. Even if you are traveling light, these items take up a minimal amount of space in your luggage.

-->Quick Tip: roll your jewelry in the washcloth to prevent tangles.

If you are staying somewhere with access to a washing machine, bring some fragrance-free laundry detergent sheets like these. They take up almost no space, and you can have the peace of mind that your laundry will not give you and your family a skin reaction that ruins the whole trip.

The Takeaway

Knowing you have sensitive skin helpful when preparing to travel. Guard against skin troubles and set yourself up for sensitive skin success on your travel adventures with these quick and simple To the Rescue tips.

LB Love Organics offers mini and travel sizes of your favorite go-to sensitive skin personal care products, like our magnesium deodorant and rich shea body butter. Even the full-size hard lotion bar is TSA-size friendly, making it ideal to stuff into your personal item on the plane!

LB Love Organics specializes in sensitive skin care, so we see you, and we want to help! All LB Love Organics products use simple and organic ingredient lists that are short in length, but long in benefits.


How about you? What sensitive skin travel tips do you have to share? Write them in the comments below!

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