I Think U Stink: 3 Things Nobody Told You about Switching to Natural Deodorant

I Think U Stink: 3 Things Nobody Told You about Switching to Natural Deodorant

So you finally decide to break up with your antiperspirant for good. After reading about 100 reviews online, you find a natural deodorant with ingredients you can spell, and it smells amazing. Swiping it on to your underarms in the morning, you can feel your skin thanking you. You toss your empty not-so-Secret tube into the trash triumphantly. Look at you, living into that healthy, clean beauty life.

Fast forward to lunchtime: things have taken a dramatic turn. How much pit sweat can one person make, you wonder? And (sniff sniff) what is that SMELL? Could that awful, thick stink be….me??

If this has ever happened to you, take heart: Deo Detox is real, and it happens to almost everybody. Here are the Top 3 Things nobody tells you about the switch from antiperspirant to natural deodorant.


The aluminum and chemicals in an antiperspirant- like parabens and synthetic fragrances- have been clogging up your pores. Your sweat glands finally get to push out the junk that’s been cramping their style all these years, and that junk stinks. Like, literally. It actually smells worse than typical body odor because it’s been hanging out in your armpits forever. Time to spring clean those pits!

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Because antiperspirants work by sealing in your sweat, it’s going to take your body time to purge that stank. More time than you want it to take; up to four weeks. I know, I’m sorry. Detox is a drag. Maybe you can keep working from home a little longer…


Natural deodorants are not anti-perspirants, so you will perspire after your Deo Detox is over. Perspiring is our body’s natural way of ridding itself of toxins, and blocking those toxins within the body is not optimal for long-term health. It is NORMAL to have pit sweat. Seriously. Every body does it.

If you’ve made it this far, well done! Even though the transition can be rocky, it is ultimately better for your skin + body to make the switch from an aluminum-based antiperspirant to a natural deodorant.

And if you are still looking for one you love, we recommend our LB Love Organics organic natural deodorant. The magnesium and probiotic-based formula is excellent for those with sensitive skin and can’t tolerate stronger ingredients like baking soda. Plus, LB Love Organics deodorants are effective, gentle, glide on easily, and smell fantastic.

LB Love Organics specializes in sensitive skin care, so we see you, and we want to help! All LB Love Organics products use simple and organic ingredient lists that are short in length, but long in benefits.

How about you? Have you made it through Deo Detox?


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