Don't be a victim of Greenwashing!

Don't be a victim of Greenwashing!

There is term I would like to define for you:


Greenwashing is a deceptive advertising practice that is used by companies to persuade consumers to purchase products PERCEIVED to be safer, healthier, natural, or more environmentally friendly.

Since none of these words are government or nationally regulated in any way, there is no way to quickly verify a product's claim on being any of the above. Many of us have a cupboard full of products with claims such as these, purchased in the hope that our sensitive skin would feel soothed, our family would feel healthier, or our carbon footprint would be smaller.

Sigh. Duped again.

Don’t feel stressed or guilty if you have been a victim of greenwashing! It’s the greenwashing companies that ought to feel guilty. But they don’t.

Big companies don’t run on their guilt. They run on our dollars.

The #1 way to combat greenwashing? Simple.

Read. Your. Labels.

What kind of ingredients are in the products you buy? Are they petroleum based? Plant based? Are their micro-plastics? It is up to US as consumers to educate ourselves on what the ingredients are and where they come from.

Here are 3 more ways to combat greenwashing in your every day life.

1. Ask yourself: Do I need this new product right now? Or does reading the marketing on the package making me feel like I need it?

2. If you read a product label that has a "Recyclable" sticker on it but your city doesn't take that type of plastic, consider purchasing another brand in alternative packaging.

3. If you read the ingredient label of your go-to lotion and find multiple ingredients that you don’t view as “natural,” consider researching an alternative product to purchase after using up what is left in the bottle.

Let us be conscious spenders of our dollars and conscious consumers of products. We make our voices heard by how we choose to spend.

We got this!

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PS- If you are interested in a deep dive on greenwashing across many industries, check out this page. Dense but so informative!


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